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Taking people from being overwhelmed by never-ending duties and social expectations to creating a calm, joyful life aligned with their True Self.

Welcome here friends <3

This program is born from my experiences over the past 6 years as I have navigated life as a professional woman swept into the abyss of being a wife, mother, educator, and helper.

Honestly, living in our culture is no easy feat. It is way too easy to be caught up in the constant bombardment of expectations and double standards

Be polite.

Be accommodating.

Be nurturing.

Be attractive.

This program is my path for other human beings to find places of calm, grounded presence in their lives. It is my hope that engaging in regular reflective rituals as they follow the True Self Roadmap will help the many wonderful people out there struggling to grow into their infinite potential. 

Close up of water droplets on blades of grass, acommpanied by the inspirational quote "I have the Ability to change my life."
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